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Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet, my little blog.
Back in 2012 I was unhappy with the way I looked and, perhaps more importantly, the way I felt.  Spurred on by the need to wear something 'decent' for a friend's wedding I turned to the internet and discovered plus size fashion blogging.  After six months of following these wonderful women and admiring their confidence (as well as their clothes) I decided it was time to start my own journey and set up a blog for myself.
Since then I have been welcomed into their community and transformed my life.  I genuinely mean that this blog has transformed my life, I have such a larger confidence in my own skin now and feel comfortable with the way I fill out clothes - pretty most days, seriously sexy the next.
I write for plus sized magazines, I am lucky enough to be invited to brand previews and sent samples, as well as become part of the team organising Plus North.  I have also made so many new friends and have a great fatty support network in the mix!
This blog is a chronicle of my life and I hope that one day there will a girl who has the same feelings that I did that stumbles upon my fat positive blog.  Maybe it will transform her life in the way I was by so many others.

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