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18 Nov 2018

Oh Autumn, you capture my heart every time you roll around...
The colours, the weather, the turn of the temperature that leads you to comfort foods and chunky layers.  It's just, quite simply, the best time of the year.

This year I've been championing outfit choices that consist mainly of a good fitting skinny jeans with a chunky, oversized jumper and some simple jewellery. Whilst I didn't think this was particularly 'blog worthy', I've had so many compliments and queries on my #jumperoftheday that I thought it would be a crowd pleaser if I indeed wrote a little something on the infamous piece...

The perfect colour for Autumn, this Yours Clothing jumper comes in a deep rust colour that emulates the tree's shed leaves on the ground.  It's the perfect blend of chunky fit with a fine blend that doesn't rub up against your skin and irritate it.  At only £17.99 it's an absolute snip and has been a staple in my wardrobe for the last four weeks, I've even bought it in two different colours for the festive season ahead!

I paired it with my favourite distressed skinny jeans, the Chloe Jeans (similar here), and accessorised with some sparkle flats and my Michael Kors handbag... and of course, an umbrella - because, y'know, English weather.

This was the perfect outfit for a rainy Sunday lunch date with a few friends and a hot coco or two.  I find that as I'm getting older my style is simplifying and turning into a more casual approach, with key pieces and traditional tones - gone are the years of loud prints and statement necklaces.  I don't know if it's simply reflective of my shift in priorities in life (i.e. saving for a wedding pre-May and now booking every plane, train and automobile going for adventures) or a transition in my personal style.  Whatever it is, I'm loving the new look and fully embracing my plus-thirty style.


One thing is for sure, whilst I'm incredibly sad that Autumn is drawing to an end, I can't wait to rock out my burgundy and navy jumper sisters at the Christmas markets!

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