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25 Nov 2018

Happy Sunday campers! Hope you had a splendid week and are spending your weekend blissfully.  
This weekend I wanted to share another style piece that has been rocking my wardrobe of late, as well as some fantastic shots from the amazing Emma (if I do say so myself!).

Leopard print is one of the key prints this season, you can't get away from it!  And whilst you may feel like this print belongs back in the 60's or a staple in Pat Butcher's wardrobe, it can actually spice up your wardrobe and add some subtle notes if you dress it right.  
In line with my comments from last week, I'm finding that I'm choosing simpler outfits over bold ones these days, so I decided to opt for a leopard print top in a khaki colour that would work well with the tones of the season.  This particular one comes in a set of two from Simply Be, and I parked the grey accompaniment for work wear with a nice scarf for days without meetings.... When do they ever happen? 

Wandering around the corridors of the Victoria and Albert, I felt cool in my skinny jeans and print top - I find London often makes me feel very warm, with everyone jostling up against each other in a perpetual rush to get everywhere in the smallest amount of time possible.  The cotton fabric of the top let the air conditioning in the building hit my skin and I breezed around the artwork of the Renaissance period in uber hipster joy...

Below are my top leopard print picks on the high street right now, at a price to suit your wallet on the lead up to Christmas.  Why not grab a leopard print dress and team it with some shoe boots and tights for a casual dinner date?  Or max it out with a sequin jacket for your Christmas party?

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