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14 Oct 2018

Many adventures have been organised in this household that started with a simple phrase of 'do it for the gram!', and whilst my other half needs no convincing to book flights to Orlando I do need to absolutely ensure I've planned out my photo opportunities in Disney World to ensure I'm not left with an grumpy husband who's tapping his foot impatiently whilst I snap away.
But where on earth do you start?  Disney is such an overwhelming place to plan in general, purely because there's so much to do and at such a large cost there's an internal pressure to make sure you do it all to capitalise on your time and dollar.  The good news here is that when it comes to the Gram the parks have a plathora of backdrops and quirky things that would look a dream on anyone's grid.
Here are my top spots to snap!

1. The Purple Wall

Perhaps the most infamous wall in Disney, any self respecting Instagram fan must get a snap at this spot.  Disney have recently given the wall a makeover since the tag #purplewall became popular by visitors in the Magic Kingdom, with some funky geometric designs.  Located on the right hand side as you enter Tomorrow Land, just look for the hoards of tourists taking snaps!

2.  Cinderella's Castle

Did you really go to Disney if you haven't got a shot in front of the castle?  Located at the bottom of Mainstreet USA in the Magic Kingdom, Cinderella's castle is the icon of the Disney franchise and each destination area has a castle of their own.  I'd recommend using a Memory Maker photograpger for this one if you can (usually thrown in with Disney hoppers if you buy in the UK) as they have set spots on the street to take the best angles, and they sometimes add cool effects on top!

3. Neon Mickey

For those looking for something a little more edgy and are interested in different lighting editing, the neon mickey sign at the Contemporary resort is a cracking shot.  Located inside the resort (everyone can go into the resort, no reservation required) it's between the two merchandise stores on the level where Chef Mickey is.  It's normally quite quiet too so you can pose away without feeling like a plonker...

4.  Mouse Town 

I love a subtle dash of Disney, and this shot in front of the merchandise store on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood Studios provides a cool snap for your feed.  You will have to hover around the entrance to wait for people to clear the street and door way, then run - strike a pose - snap and go, but it's worth it.  Located on the walk down to Hollywood Tower of Terror... ready for the next shot...

5. Sunset Towers

One of my personal favourite views in Disney is the run down to Hollywood Tower of Terror on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Studios park.  I don't know if it's because it's one of my favourite rides or if the palm trees just look so amazing against the Floridian skyline, but it's great for playing around with photo editing software.  Now, heads up here, unless you wake up at the crack of dawn and hit the area on extra magic hours, you are not going to get a cleared out area so be wise with what kind of shot you are going to go for.  But it's a great shot nonetheless!

6. Doors Galore

There's a plethora of great doors to chose from around most of the parks, but some of favourites are ones built into the theme of the land.  For instance, this door is in the Liberty Square area of the Magic Kingdom has the colonial white beams and pastel blues that I dream of for my fictional house in the Hamptons.  Easy to grab a people-free photo as most are hurrying along to get to the rides on either side too!

7.  Casting Agency Door

Speaking of doors, this one is Instagram famous!  The casting agency door on Mainstream USA is easily missed if you don't know where to look, often overshadowed by the castle.  On the way down the street, look out on the left hand side and you will find it approximately half way down before you hit Casey's Corner in a little nook.  This is another spot that's easy to get a snap without the hundreds of tourists heading down the way, and also a fantastic place to shelter from the Orlando shadows!

8. Back to the Wall...

Another wall in Disney that's been made an Instagram hot spot, the bubblegum wall in Epcot.  Situated on the exit from Spaceship Earth, opposite the guest relations centre of the park, this is one of the walls not to be missed.  If you time it right, you can get in here by dodging people exiting the ride and grab a snap under cover from the hot sun!

9.  Chinese Theatre

The chinese theatre at Hollywood Studios is one of the oldest sights in Disney as far as I can remember, although the building no longer houses the Great Movie ride it still sits in residence whilst a new ride is being constructed and sits at the end of the street from the entrance to the park.  Memory maker photographers are placed on this street again so utilise them where you can and they may just grab a photo that you weren't intending for but love (much like this one!).

10. At the Entrance

Finally, the entrance of Disney may not seem like the obvious shot to get but I think it's a classic that needs to be in every Disney fan's feed.  It's also super for family shots and getting a little more from your memory maker photos than the others inside the park itself, I've had photos with animated balloons and short videos!  This would look extra special during special events as the front is often decorated to suit the season, such as Halloween!

So those are my current top 10 in my personal gallery, there are hundreds more to be had throughout the parks and this has only skimmed the surface but I do hope it's helped you in your Insagram quest!


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