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21 Oct 2018

Sundays are the best day of the week, aren't they?
From having those extra couple of hours in bed in the morning, to popping the chicken in the oven ready for your roast dinner, the smell of laundry fabric softener wafting in the air from the tumble dryer's rounds and the crisp air of the afternoon walk.  It's ritualistic and soothing.

For my Sunday last week I was invited to a roast dinner of a different kind, Pieminster have recently introduced the 'Sunday Best' to their menu - a dish compromising of a pie with mash, gravy and Yorkshire pudding.  It was peeked my curiosity and I happily caught the train to the city centre whilst my washing machine went about it's usual Sunday business.

The decor of the restaurant was nothing amis from a trendy eatery in Shoreditch, industrial and quirky but with a homely feel.  We sat at our bench and looked at the simple menu to devour over which pie we were going to order from our friendly waitress, I opted for the Sunday best with a 'Moo and Blue' which comprised of a beef and stilton pie with all the trimmings.  My dining partner chose the traditional 'Moo' pie of beef in ale, with a side of macaroni cheese with skin on fries.  
We sat and waited for our meal with a soft drink and chatted away whilst watching the rain pour outside.

Service was relatively quick, despite being told there was a wait on food, and served hot and delicious.  Being someone who's never been a big fan of pie meals I wasn't sure this would be my bag, but I don't know if it was the cold weather outside or the crumby pastry that made me devour the whole plate with glee.  The meat was from a good cut, the stilton in the sauce wasn't overpowering and the mash was creamed well.  The gravy was hot and beef, but could have benefited from holding a little more stock in it to make it more flavoursome.
My partner's macaroni cheese was made from actual cheese and grilled to bubbling, something unusual from restaurants who serve up powdered ready mix.  The skin on fries were pretty special with the gravy too...

Finally, after we finished our mains and were sitting in our seats in a mini food coma, we were convinced by the waitress to have one of the special Pieminster sundaes.  We gave her free choice and ended up with Mud Pie and Apple Pie sundaes, which whilst were nice didn't give me a wow factor.
Overall, should you go here?  Yes, it's a comfort food joint with no airs and graces that will feed you well for a great budget cost.  We loved sitting in the window and having a catch up over the meal whilst we watched the rain come down outside.  I wonder how the restaurant would fair in Summer, as the menu is limited to pies only... but that just sounds like an excuse to go again.

* Meal was complimentary for the purpose of review, however all opinions are my own.

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