To My Husband, On Our Wedding Day

17 May 2018


The millennial in me decided to not write you a letter or card (as is tradition) but instead a blog post, let's be honest... you expected either an Instagram post or video anyway, right?
It's our wedding day today! Two long years of planning and saving to get to this moment, in the glorious sunshine overlooking a beautiful national park and lake with our closest friends and family - intimate, small and completely us.  Well, the shiny metallic decor is definitely me, but you agreed to it so...

We've known each other for years but it took tequila shots and a fancy dress party in 2009 for fate to bring us together.  I'd like to think it was my sparkly personality that drew you to me but it was probably more the cleavage in the pirate wench costume. From day one we've laughed so much together and that's my favourite thing about our relationship, no matter what happens in the world you always bring a smile back to my face (even if it is completely inappropriate and dark).
We were told from the beginning from others that we were too different to work, that we would be a flash in the pan and not to expect anything long term - you like football, I like history, you like to cross the bridge when you get to it, I like to pre-plan everything on spreadsheets - but it's our mutual strong family values, zest for life and loyalty for the ones we care about that we're actually incredibly similar on.  We're different superficially but we're fundamentally the same at our cores, at our roots.

So, what can you expect from a lifetime of marriage to me?  Well, Jimbob, you have won a solid number of years where I will nag at you for not brushing your teeth often enough, expecting to never have any spare cash as a result of me booking holidays and days out in years in advance and the added bonus of being the carrier of all bagged goods from hereon in.  I will always be right in the argument, I will never go to a football game and yes, I do even snore a little bit...
However, I promise I will always be here for you in the light and dark hours, with a incredibly inappropriate joke and a cup of tea with a bourbon biscuit.  I will always support you and respect your decisions, even when I disagree with them, because I've got your back (and I know you have mine too).

If none of this floats your boat Jimbob, then you also get my brother as part of the deal who will forever be on hand to offer you a 'beard kiss'.  That's bonus enough, right?

I love you, always.  See you at the alter.


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