Am I Too Fat For Florida? | TRAVEL

10 May 2018

There's nothing that struck more fear to me in 2015 than the prospect of not being able to fit any rides in Florida, I researched everything and became obsessive over ride seat diameters and 'tricks' to fit into a seat.  The thought of doing the walk of shame if I were to be turned away by a ride attendant for having thighs too large or my ridiculously large chest just not squishing into the over head restraints became a palpable fear I couldn't shake.
As it turned out (and much to my delight) I really didn't need to worry and as soon as I relaxed about it,  I enjoyed my holiday so much more.  With that in mind, I wanted to share my experience and what I'd researched with others who shared the same fears - in the hopes that it would provide some relief to others in the midst of panic mode.

The below is my latest addition to my 'Am I Too Fat For...' series and covers Islands of Adventure, I do hope it helps!

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