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16 Apr 2018

Nothing brings me more joy than a spontaneous brunch date, finding little gems in the Worcestershire suburbs around my home town and taking my sweet time to hit pause on life whilst I sip on some hot tea is my jam.  Recently, I was told about a garden centre that offered me Pinterest vibes and a tasty breakfast that was served all day - it was sold to me as an Instagram haven, so instantly I grabbed the car keys and went down to the Botany Bay Cafe to live my best life.

Hidden away on a country lane, the cafe is nestled inside Botany Bay Nurseries in Redditch and is very much a millennial dream.  Wooden pallet-esque tables, industrial roofing and string lights a plenty, I sat down and ordered the all day breakfast with a pot of tea to share with my brunch buddy.
I seriously cotemplated the home made cake on offer as a starter, but decided against it (but also mental note booked a return visit for that passion fruit slice...).

Let's get down to business, a brunch spot is only as good as the food it offers.  We both ordered an all day breakfast, the cafe only only offers breakfast meals and slices of cake throughout the day, priced at around £7-8 each.  The smaller breakfast, mine, comes with essentially one of everything whilst the larger one has two as well as a side of toast.  Unfortunately the smaller one was still too much for me and I ended up leaving some of my plate after admitting defeat, but it was tasty.
Would I travel for it?  Probably not, it was an average full English breakfast and whilst it hit the spot it wasn't something I'd rave about to others.  What you pay for here is the ambience and kitsch laid back vibes, otherwise it's your average joe cafe.

That being said, the staff are genuinely lovely and care about their customers getting a decent meal.  It's always busy and you may have to wait ten minutes for a seat, but I'd recommend a little wander around the garden centre in the mean time to pick a plotted plant for your kitchen windowsill.

Where: Botany Bay Nurseries, Edgioake Lane, Astwood Bank, B96 6BE
How Much: Average £12-14 for breakfast and a drink.
When: All Year Round

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