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4 Mar 2018

We all have those routines in the morning that we do on autopilot, I like to start my day with 10 minutes of instagram cruising whilst I wake up before hopping into the shower to wash my hair, exfoliate, body wash and then hop out before the 7AM news comes onto radio 1.  Typically I spend the 5 minutes that the news is on brushing my teeth and listening to what ridiculous thing Donald Trump has now said (sorry, not a fan).  But I always wonder if I'm brushing my teeth correctly, for the right amount of time?
My last dentist appointment recommended getting an electric toothbrush to get those hard to reach places and one on a timer which would help quell my doubts over time spans.  Luckily, the lovely chaps over at Fulham Pure Smiles offered me the chance to review their recommended brush, the Oral B Pro 2500N.

So, what do you need to know about this brush? Oral B is the number one brand recommended by dentists and their brushes remove a whopping 100% more plaque that a normal manual toothbrush!  It also boasts a two minute timer whilst brush (at two different speeds) with a 30 second prompt to move in a different direction.  Having given up smoking I had around 10 years worth of stains to get cracking on, so this brush was the right one for me to opt for to help me step towards that whiter smile.  

The brush itself is sufficiently more slimline then my partner's older Oral B brush and looks slick, it also comes with a handy travel case that holds the brush base and space for two other heads inside - which is perfect for travelling with your significant other.  

What I liked most about this brush was that for the £40 price mark it was an affordable price tag for a toothbrush that does what it says on the tin.  After using this for a week my teeth felt cleaner for longer, there was a definite speed up in the stain removal from my teeth and the battery lasted all week for 2 adults using it twice a day.  Yes, it's more than your 50p toothbrush from the local supermarket but you're going to get sufficiently better results.

You can pick up the toothbrush from most high street stores, but I'd recommend hitting up a dentist first to discuss what you need so they can recommend the best product for you!

*Item was gifted for review, all opinions are my own.

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