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24 Jan 2018

The 1980's saw climate change emerge as a decade defining issue, humanity's approach was a mixture of shock and denial - 'it'll never happen!'.  Well, research shows you may have until 2036 to get your skates on before some of the coastline countries drop off into the ocean.  Terrifyingly, those bucket list trips to the Great Barrier Reef or palm islands in Dubai may disappear as they fall off the map or become increasingly harder to reach with sustainable travel.

With that in mind, I had a think about the top three places that you may want to travel to before it's too late...

Pretty much everyone's honeymoon destination of choice, the Maldives offer a luxury beach paradise where you can shut the world out and relax in splendour.  The islands are at risk of becoming submerged as sea levels rise and scientists estimate they could be gone within 80 years, so I would recommend a trip pretty sharpish!  A trip here can set you back quite a few pennies, but it doesn't have to completely break the bank.  I scoured a deal with Virgin holidays in November this year for £999 p/p for a beach hut at Bandos Maldives, totally worth it for the Instagram photos alone.

Backpacker destination of choice, Vietnam.  It's where every young person comes to soak in culture, cheap food, drink and excellent weather.  The Far East is on my personal bucket list of countries to travel around, the culture intrigues and delights me, but as it's on the coast line it is again at risk of disappearing forever.  Best get my skates on.
I'd suggest a tour of Thailand and Laos to really travel the area with the safety (and company!) of a group, if you're young and looking for a party then STA travel are your chaps.  I spotted this tour on sale for £809!

Finally, a personal favourite of mine, Florida.  The sunshine state offers a little bit of magic for everyone, from Disney World to flawless white sand beaches, but being on the coastline of the east coast of the U.S.A puts its as one of the countries at risk of submerging with global warming.  Imagine the sheer sadness of never being able to see the Cinderella castle! Heartbreaking!
I'll be drafting up a Florida travel guide soon, but in the mean time you can pick up travel package deals to Florida from £800 p/p for a villa and flights from TUI.

But, if all else fails and you find yourself limited to countries to visit due to rising ocean levels from the melting polar ice caps, then there is always the delights of my home town - Birmingham. It's been referred to as a the Venice of the North and has an abundance of delightful pork scratchings, excellent shopping in the Bull Ring and a thriving food scene.  It's overlooked as a UK city break but most definitely deserves a look!

- Kim

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