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17 Sep 2017

September 22nd may officially mark the Autumn equinox, but I've decided that it's going to start this week.  It's been on my radar since May and I've been planning it well before then, my calendar is packed out and I just can't contain myself anymore.  Halloween is almost here and Christmas is around the corner!
So, in all this excitement *woo* I decided to kick off this season with my top 5 reasons why I just can't wait for it to be Autumn...

1. My Style Choices.
I'm not a Summer girl, my heart yearns for those cosy nights in with candles, warm knits and mugs of hot chocolate.  I don't mind the heat when I'm relaxing and not going about my daily business, but when I have to function in a normal 9-5 working life and feeling sweaty it doesn't give me the feels.  
When the temperature drops, I reach for the layers and the boots, the deep red lipsticks and burnt copper eyeshadow, the curling tongs and wooly hats.  I feel happier and more confident in Winter clothing, and my wardrobe has it's life released from it's slumber.  

2.  Home Is Where The 500 Candles Are.
Last week I turned off the lights, put on a film and lit up at least 6 candles around my living room.  The deep scents of amber and spice floated about the room whilst we watched some Tom Cruise flick,  later we cracked open a bag of maltesers between us and popped the kettle for a brew.  It was the perfect, cosy Autumnal night - even my other half, serial candle and fluffy cushion hater, commented on the ambience.  So I, of course, took that as a green light to go to Homesense the following day and purchase three more candles.  There will be many more.

3.  Days Out
As ridiculous as it sounds, the colder it gets the more I want to venture outside.  Whilst most people tend to put on a little seasonal chub this time of year, we typically lose weight by purely being out and about more.  Crunchy walks in the park, popping out to food festivals and markets, day trips to football games... ok, that last one's not me, but you get the picture.  
We love to pack out the calendar and embrace the season.  

4.  It's All About The Gram.
Instagram is hands down my favourite social media tool at the moment, ever since they bought in instastories I've been hooked like a good'un and quite often will rope in people on adventures by coercing them to 'do it for the gram'.  As crunchy leaves and warm tones are in my top ten favourite things of all time, to see my instagram feed littered with it gives me an immense sense of joy.  So I'm looking forward to spamming you with pumpkin spiced latte's and sepia filters!

5.  Warm Belly, Warm Heart
Finally, the food of this season most definitely gives my heart a giant hug.  Thick crusty breads dunked in home made tomato and chilli soup is my favourite dish (other than beef stew, obviously) and I think I consume my annual intake of tomatoes in the last quarter of the year.  Stodgy carbs, hearty dishes and fresh ingredients make my belly happy - my skin improves, my energy takes a hike and our food budget is kinder to my bank balance.

What are you looking forward to this Autumn?

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