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11 Jul 2017

With so much choice on the Birmingham high street for food and drink at the moment it's hard to pick out something that's quick and easy to fill a hole when you're ravenous.  Recently we stopped by one of the major chains for a bite to eat and I thought it would be great to do a review on the 'regular joes' as well as the independents I've reviewed previously to compare.
We met up with the delightful Emma and her husband for lunch in the city centre for a good natter and catch up, living so far apart has it's downfalls when one of your best friend's is 170 miles away so we had a lot to catch up on.  They chose Byron Burger as our eatery and, being the persistent blogger, I took the opportunity to review the popular lunch time choice.  

The main restaurant had a slight industrial Booklyn vibe to it, with exposed brick work and ducts, whilst also being clean and spacious.  There were no frills about the place, it was very much tables and kitchen with limited decor - the kind of place you'd stop off for a quick bite but not necessarily take someone out for a date.  I ordered a Cobb salad with a side of sweet potato fries, whilst James ordered the Classic Burger with regular fries. I loved the presentation of the salad, as they'd lined up all the ingredients side by side instead of tossing together (very Instagram friendly!) and my little pot of sweet potato fries were crisp and delicious.  
The salad was fresh and as salads go, pretty good, with it's crispy bacon and ripe avacado.  James was less impressed with his burger as it didn't really ignite the flavours in his palette, that being said he did order the basic burger so perhaps something a bit more adventurous on the menu would have been a better choice.
One thing I did rave about however, was the courgette fries. Oh my gosh.  I'd turned my nose up at them when Emma had ordered them but after popping one in my mouth and chowing down I was sold - crisp, light and a great alternative to potato fries.  

All in all, the lunch was tasty but nothing to write home about - it's a nice enough setting for a catch up and doesn't hit the pocket too much, but next time I'd venture a little further up the street for more choice.  
You can check out Byron Burger here, our meal cost around £25 (with drinks) and we were on site for around 90 minutes.

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