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Those Summer Nights | FASHION

I throw off the sheets and fight with the eternal battle of fan on or off during the night in the Summer. The cool flannel is my friend and my hot water bottle of a boyfriend is banished to the most western side of the bed whilst I spread eagle on cool sheets.  Summer nights are not my friend, and always struggle between wearing just enough to be 'decent' whilst I sleep and remaining cool enough to actually drift off.  After a number of years I've learnt the key to the right pair of pyjamas in such times, and below are my current top 4 picks on the high street for plus size babes!

Shorts and sleeveless shirts are my go to, they're easy to lounge around in and great for kicking off the covers in bed.  Planning a wedding means I'm automatically drawn to anything bride related in clothing and during the wedding season these Team Bride pj's must fly off the shelf so grab them quickly if you like the look of them!  Just £8 at George at Asda.
If you're more of a marvel girl at heart and enjoy some pastel shades then these are the ones for you, Simply are selling these loose top and Wonder Woman shorts for just £20 - how super cute are they?
When the temperature really ramps up though I need to wear as little as I can get away with when the window's open, normally a vest top and pant combo.  Luckily George at Asda has some handy coordinating sets for pocket change (just £6!) for you to pick from, I like these corn powder blue ones.
Finally, if you're looking for some luxury ladies nightwear then look no further than this black lace and sateen chemise from New Look, the silky fabric will slip over your skin and flitter about in the cool breeze from the window - a steal at £17.99.

I hope that helps you in your Summer night fight, if all else fails then throw yourself into a cold shower and then ditch the clothes completely... just close the window! 

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