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11 Jun 2017

I love a bit of sunshine but the heat kills me, I can't handle it when I'm too hot and I become quite the grump! So when the Summer hits the UK I like to make sure I keep nice and cool in my outfit to avoid any unwanted meltdowns whilst I'm out and about.  As a plus size girl it can be daunting to get your flesh out in public, but time has taught me that no one really cares all that much about your upper arm fat or whether you think you look silly in shorts so embracing the skimpier things in life is the way forward!
Lately I've been more inclined towards simpler clothing looks that are well cut and have a good shape whilst being practical for what I want to do that day.  On this day, I was exploring a local estate house with friends and enjoying the sunshine on the grass (with hopefully a callipo or two!), so I opted for a pair of distressed cropped jeans and a sheer top with a pair of sandals.

These jeans were a purchase from the Evans store in Dublin a couple of years ago and by far are my favourite cropped jeans, they're stretchy and fit tightly to my legs rather than sagging (which I struggle on some of the boyfriend fit jeans on the plus size market).  Luckily, Evans still sell these babies so if you're after a pair then I recommend you grab them here!
Being a taller girl can often mean I miss out of some of the trousers and jeans on the highstreet, simply because they are too short and there's no way I'd wear ankle grazers without it being a deliberate style choice.  However cropped jeans, I love.  They are perfect for the Summer and can be dressed up for a warm night out in the beer garden or down for a day out with the family.

Sheer tops are also a go to for me, I find them to be effortlessly chic and easy to wear without having a shed led of fabric clinging to your body.  This beauty is from Live Unlimited and it's been part of my wardrobe for the better part of two years now, the quality of the top has meant it's stood the test of time so whilst it is a little pricier than your budget high street shop (I'm looking at you Primark) it won't fall apart in the washing machine.  
I like this poppy kaftan in their current range at the moment!

Team those with a  pair of shades and an ice cream to get that perfect Summer look, no one wants to be sweltering in a cardigan to cover up their arms so let those babies go free and live your life.  Make this summer the one you embrace your body and care a little bit less about what others think about your body, it's yours to do with as you wish and wear what you wish.  As Eleanor Roosevelt once said 'No one can make you'll inferior without your consent'.  

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