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Happy Friday everyone! 
Every weekend the other half and I like to look ahead at our upcoming plans and work out where we're going to eat - sometimes we choose a little bistro for some pastries for breakfast, or we pack a picnic full of goodies if the weather is particularly delicious, other times we stick to home comforts and go to a chain we know we enjoy.  A couple of weeks ago the team at the Beefeater invited me down to their newly refurbished restaurant at Mosely Park for a meal to check it out, as we love the chain we said yes and headed out with a good appetite.

So, let's talk about the decor first, the restaurant has undergone a revamp and is looking a bit more upmarket than your local pub eatery.  Having been to Bar and Block in Birmingham, it's taken elements of the decor at their pilot bistro and implemented it into the main chain.  The grass 'hello' sign in the entrance, the steak related art on the walls and the booth seating are all elements taken from the bistro and they work well in the backdrop of the traditional decor from the standard chain restauarants.  

The staff were friendly and engaged in conversation with us, showed us to us our seat and got our drinks whilst we perused the menu.  Unfortunately on this occasions there were a considerable amount of items not available on the menu due to stock levels, which when there were less than 10 people in the restaurant at that time disappointed me. We'd arrived on a  Saturday afternoon so I would have expected them to have a good stock of stuff in the kitchen ahead of potential customers on the weekend.
Nevertheless, we ordered our food and sipped on our ice cold cokes whilst nattering away.

For starters, we ordered the crispy flat back mushrooms and the garlic prawn pan.  The mushrooms were essentially flat mushrooms that had been battered, but they were crisp and not overly greasy which made it a pleasant dish.  The garlic prawn pan was deliciously succulent and soaked in a strong garlic butter, after devouring the prawns I then had a little ciabatta to dip into it... hands down my favourite dish of the meal.

Our mains came swiftly afterwards and I had ordered the beef rib wellington with potatoes and spring greens, covered in malbec sauce. I'd been enticed by the photos on the menu and was looking for something other than the steak and fries combo I usually go for,  this was a shiny new addition to the menu and the waitress had told me it was popular, so I of course needed to try it.  When it came I gasped at the size of the meal before me, I hadn't expected something so big!  The beef wellington could easily be ordered for two people.  
The greens and potatoes were cooked well, the malbec sauce was deliciously rich and complemented the wellington.  The meat inside the wellington was tender and succulent, but there was just far too much of it.
My companion ordered the duo of beef, a beef short rib and beef brisket with bean and fries.  By comparison there was a lot less on their plate than mine, but this worked in our favour when my dinner defeated me!

Overall, the meal was good and the decor was nice, it was a good refurbishment for the Beefeater chain.  If I'm in the area then I would pop in again, but I'm not going to make a special journey for it (especially when there's one on my doorstep).  But it's got to be better than a bag of chips in your Premier Inn, right?

*The meal was complimentary for review, all opinions are my own.

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