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21 May 2017

As I'm nearing the end of my twenties now, I find I'm more about making every moment count and enjoying life and choose to spend my money on experiences rather than the latest beauty product or shoes on trend.  I still adore fashion but find that I buy far less in quantity now than before and instead choose to buy thinks I know I will use several times over and will outlast the battle of the washing machine.  Recently I was perusing my local Evans and stumbled across this polka dot kimono that just shrieked Minnie Mouse! at me, as I was having a particularly Disney day that day (I'd just booked our wedding in Florida) I saw it as a sign and purchased it.

I threw it on with a pair of ripped, back skinny jeans and a plain black top (also Evans) when I ventured out for on a sunny afternoon.  I adore how lightweight this kimono is and, because it's back, it's super versatile with any outfit - I've since worn with this a yellow dress and it looked perfect.  
The fit is great, I stuck to my usual size 24 and it had ample arm room and enough material in it to fall over the breast.  Having a larger bosom I always struggle with getting any coat or kimono to fall in the middle of my boobs so this wasn't an issue for me.

I love this look, it's simple and totally versatile - I always gravitate towards black when I'm unsure on what to wear and with the weather being as undecided as it is at the moment it's hard to know what to dress for.  
Lately, I've been learning the art of not caring too much about what others think about my body.  I've always been a confident plus size girl, but since purchasing my wedding dress it's been a struggle to keep my body positivity up every day with the thought of 200+ people staring at me whilst I walk down an aisle.  At first, I was reluctant to talk about it to anyone (and to some extent, I still am) as being a plus size blogger brings with it a perception that you must be happy with yourself at all times and anything short of that is giving in to the aesthetic criteria of society.  What I'm learning is that you can still be body positive and have days where you want to dress yourself in a sack and eat an entire pack of doritos whilst feeling crap-house rubbish.  And that's totally cool too.

At the end of the day, you're the only one that you have to answer to and if, on that day, you don't feel your best self then accept it as a momentary blip resulting from human.  It's like a majority rules approach, if you only feel crap one day out of seven and the rest you're a rocking babe then, mate, you're winning.

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