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23 May 2017

One of the most frequent questions I get on my social media and YouTube channel is 'am I too fat to go to Disney'?  It links into the overwhelming anxiety I had myself on the lead up to our Florida holiday in 2015 and the mortifying moment when you just know you're about to get thrown off a ride in front of fifty or so other people because you didn't fit.  It's the ultimate walk of fat shame and I fretted like crazy over it, so I completely understand why this conversation comes up time and time again.  
I've been thinking about what I wanted from my research when I was obsessively surfing the web on Disney forums and articles on seat sizes,... I didn't want someone to tell me that the park should cater for me as a paying customer and to be proud of my body - I wanted a video or blog that would tell me, point blank, yes you will fit on this ride or no you will not on this ride.  There was an element of self preservation and reassurance that I needed, but alas there was none out there.  
Although, I did find out the term for a fat person at Disney is 'Pooh sized'.  Even Disney has a magical spin of being a chubster! Love it!

So, here we are, I'm just a girl who was in the same boat two years ago as you are now, who made a video in the hopes it will help someone else out there.  Below is the video I created listing the top ten rides in Disney with seat photos and discussions surrounding fit.  I hope this helps you, if you have stumbled upon my page through the same obsessive research train I was on too!  

Remember, you paid a lot of cash to get to Florida - don't let the worries put you off enjoying it.  You'll be completely fine!

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