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14 Apr 2017

London is one of my favourite places in the world, the city is awash with history and culture, the people are diverse and engaging, and the food is quite often out of this world.  Whilst in the capital I was looking for somewhere to grab a quick bite to eat before heading out to the theatre in Covent Garden and wandered across Sophie's Steakhouse on the corner of Wellington Street.  I was once told by a fellow foodie that if a restaurant has a queue of happy customers then you must get in that queue and order the special, so that's exactly what I did when I saw people waiting at the door.

Cocktail in hand, we were led to a table in the middle of the restaurant with great views of the meat fridge.  The room was what you would typically expect of a trendy eaterie within London, itchy and stylish with a slight industrial vibe.  The staff were positively lovely and the waitress who served us was perky and helpful, she helped us choose our meals and I opted for the house special of steak and frites for main with a fried calamari special.  
I sipped on my delicious cosmopolitan and nibbled at the plate of fresh salami we'd been given whilst perusing the menu (which, was bloody lovely) as we awaited our food.

Onto the good stuff...
The calamari was light and crispy, with a delicate calamari flesh hidden within and garnished with a allioli dip and lemon quarter.  Introducing my youngest brother to the delights of seafood, we devoured the starter in seconds making light groaning noises in pure delight.  It was perfection!
The mains hopped along shortly after, I'd ordered my steak medium rare and it plopped onto my plate with a pink glaze to it.  The fries were crisp but fluffy on the inside, the steak was tender and smoked on the grill.  My only criticism is there wasn't enough of it on my plate, for the £10 I paid I had expected perhaps a little more - maybe a side salad or flat mushroom.

For my calamari, steak frites and cocktail I paid a bill of £24.50 plus tip - which, when you consider we were in the centre of London, is actually not too shabby a price.  The restaurant is quite literally a stones throw from the Lyceum Theatre so if you're in town to watch the Lion King then I'd thoroughly recommend this as a tasty dinner beforehand or cheeky cocktails afterwards.  You can even move onto the trendy Covent Garden area afterwards for a spot of light shopping or karaoke!
I'll be heading back here for sure...

Where? Bodega | 29-31 Wellington Street, London, WC2E 7DB
How much? £10-20 PP for a starter, main and soft drink
When? All week round!

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