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7 Apr 2017

This week I was invited down to Bodega in Birmingham to try out their new menu, the restaurant team had recently taken a trip to Mexico to investigate current food trends and street eats in the country so they could bring it back to the their Midlands base to incorporate into some new eats for their loyal customers.  Being my first time to Bodega, I had no idea what to expect but had been told by other bloggers that the nachos were out of this world and the cocktails were simply delightful!  So, I popped in with a camera and an appetite, eagerly awaiting the dishes!

We were greeted with a tequila and blueberry magherita on arrival, which was insanely delicious, and were given nachos to nibble on whilst we awaited our mains.  The nachos were crisp and deep fried, with a side of freshly made guacamole and salsa - they were pretty good, but not other worldly in my opinion.  
Next up, the pulled pork burritos and roasted pepper burritos - these were tasty, they were moist and the rice had been cooked to perfection.  Often the rice in burritos borders on being overcooked which makes it feel stodgy and an odd texture, but this was cooked well and coupled with a great helping of melted cheese.  Not my usual order at a Mexican, but I would opt for these again.  
Next up, the Dr Pepper marinated pork tacos - yes, you heard me, Dr Pepper.  The meat had been marinaded in the soda for some time and then cooked and assembled into a soft taco with another side of guacamole and sour cream.  I was most excited about this, we have tacos at home regularly and they're a guilty pleasure of mine - if there were a taco place near the local pub then these would be my 'drunken food'!  Annoyingly, these were the most disappointing on the menu.  Others enjoyed them but I was expecting more of a fruity twist from the soda or a sticky sauce from reduction, it tasted more like a simple pulled pork concoction with some nice stuff on top - still tasty and good to eat, but not worth the hype.

We were then given a plantain and chilli salad accompanied with a fresh sangria.  The salad was what a salad is, it was a nice side and would be a great accompaniment - the plantain was fried to perfection though.  The sangria was incredible, fresh and full of apricot and raspberry tones with a hint of mint.  It was refreshingly light and delicious, made from a prosecco base rather than red wine - which for all you migraine watchers will be music to your ears!  

Finally we were treated to a gin cocktail, which the name escapes me now (bad blogger) but had been sat with orange peel for 40 minutes prior to pouring the soda water into it.  Being a gin lover I dove in and took a large gulp, only to be surprised with a slightly whisky taste and bitter aftertaste.  If you like your bourbons and hard liquor then this is the cocktail for you, it packs a punch and it expertly mixed.
All in all, I'll be heading back to Bodega when the sun is shining for a pitcher of that prosecco sangria and a tasty red pepper burrito.  I'm keen to try their fish tacos and a massive bowl of nachos, the vibe of the restaurant invites friendly banter and gossip over tables.  Come here if you want a social evening with some great nibbles and drinks!

Where? Bodega | 12 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, B2 5RS
How much? £15-20 PP for a main plus cocktail
When? All week round!

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