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31 Mar 2017

There's a new trend hitting the Midland capital at the moment, and that is meat.  Restaurants are popping up offering fresh cuts of meat fresh off the grill, succulent and thick, ready to take your pennies in exchange for your carnivorous desires.  One such place is Viva Brazil, offering an all you can eat meat extravaganza for less than £20.  But is it worth it? 

A top of Bennet's Hill in Birmingham, Viva Brazil is in hot competition with other eateries in the area.  It offers a red/green card system in which you can signal to the waiters whether you're ready to indulge what they have on their skewers or need a break.  Being a huge carnivore myself, I eagerly eyed up the food on offer and sat down with my plate ready to dig in!
Upon sitting down we were given a card that listed 16 different dishes; chilli chicken, garlic rump, flank steak, pork ribs, leg of lamb and smoked gammons. Every time you sampled a dish the waiter would stamp the area to indicate whether you liked it or not, therefore helping them understand what you'd like for the next round.  In addition, there was a salad bar you can take from to garnish your meal, as well as sides such as fries and pasta dishes - it was relatively limited, but it did the job.  But, then again, if you come to somewhere like this I don't expect you're really interested in what lettuce you can get...

Now, let's talk about the meat.  Generally speaking, it wasn't bad - the food was well cooked and had a good taste but it didn't set my world alight.  Some of the seasoned steaks (such as the garlic rump) were over salted and left a bitter taste in the mouth which made you reach for the water, equally some of the smoked dishes were over smoked and dry.  I found that if you opted for a rarer cooked steak then it was far more succulent than the other options, but make sure you put in your order with the waiter because medium-rare cooks are few and far between.  
We managed to sample around 10 dishes out of the 16 on offer, and I found the cheaper cuts of meat were more freely available.  I specially asked for a cut from the leg of lamb and the garlic rump steak, and waited 45 minutes for them to materialise at my table.

In summary, the food was moderately good and was a pleasant afternoon lunch with the boyfriend.  The restaurant is smartly decorated, the staff are generally amenable and the cocktails aren't too shabby - but for £20 a head plus drinks, you can get a much tastier meal at the other restaurants on Bennet's Hill.

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