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Top 5 Methods to Bust Blogger's Block | LIFESTYLE

It happens to us all, we can happily cruise along being productive and churning out some of our best work, then one day it just hits the metaphorical brick wall.  You're left questioning everything you write, your creativity flow is stunted and you've never considered giving it all up as much as you do now.  Blogger's block is just as real as writer's block, and it can be a real bitch to pull out of.
I, myself, have been suffering from writer's block since Christmas and in an attempt to pull myself out I took the advice of Charles Bukowsi - 'writing about writer's block is better than not writing at all'.

So, I've scoured the internet and picked out the top 5 that made an improvement on my blogger's block.  I hope these work for you!

1.  Change your environment

I get inspired by my surroundings, walking through cobbled streets can make me feel like I'm transported back to a simpler time or walking in a field makes me want to throw out my arms and sing about the hills and nuns... Staying in a grey room with the same scenery, smells and familiar items to distract myself with can be stagnating.  So, if you feel you're in a funk, grab the car keys or your trainers and get out of there.
Changing your environment can stimulate your senses, get your synapses firing and ideas flowing through to your fingertips again.

2.  Routine, Routine, Routine.

Routine was a big one that helped me, by setting 'blogging time' every week I felt there was structure and I could dedicate focused time rather than a bit here and there (which felt somewhat overwhelming!).  So, for instance, I know that on a Monday evening my routine is to come home from work, prepare and pop dinner in the oven, put a load of washing on and then sit on my sofa in silence with a brew.  I then sit and edit a video for the next hour until James comes home, then the laptop goes away whilst it's uploading my video.  Bam, video has been put out and my evening is still mine.
Set yourself a realistic routine that works with your life, stick to it.

3.  Workout.

A bit of a dirty word for me as I'm the laziest person going when it comes to the gym, but a workout can also get your brain engaged again.  The endorphins released from a 20 minute work out can help you accept ideas more easily and be positive about the process - it challenges the criticism your writer's block is channelling right now.  If you're not a gym bunny, then a quick walk to the shop or a swim session will also do the trick!

4.  Ditch the planners, go on a date.

I'm a big fan of this technique because it removes the pressure of feeling the need to produce content. Put away the planners and laptop, call a friend and go out for a drink.  It changes your environment, it takes your mind off the task at hand and let's you relax.  Having a good chinwag with friends and enjoying a laugh can boost your mood, which in turn releases those wonderful endorphins... Remember step 3?

5.  Remove distractions

Sometimes even opening up a page on blogger or wordpress can result in those little adverts on your sidebar distracting you, let alone your phone going off or an advert on TV catching your attention.  We live in an age where everything is trackable and marketable, the only missing factor to make that sale cycle work is your focus.  So, remove your focus from them - take it back and work out a way you can pay attention to your work.  For me, I like to turn off everything and work in silence - even music can make it hard for me to concentrate - I need an environment I can zone out within and hear nothing but the key strokes on my laptop.
Try playing about with volume levels, whether you work better with background noise and people.  Experiment and work out how you like to focus.


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