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Kirsty Allsop Handmade Fair Preview | LIFESTYLE

Whilst I'd like to think of myself as a creative individual, when it comes to actual crafting I suck.  I'm not the kind of person who can make super delicate things with 50 yards of string, a tin of glitter and a thrifted photo frame from Oxfam, I'm more likely to make a nasty glue gun mess on the living room carpet and walk away with third degree burns. If it's cutesy and hung up in my house then you can bet your bottom dollar I bought it off Etsy.  
However, if you're a crafter yourself or looking to upskill your own crafting hobby then Kirstie Allsop's handmade fair will be right up your street.  There's a tonne of independent stores and crafters, selling everything from the finished product to DIY kits, and even some cheeky little workshops.  I'd been invited along to a blogger preview last week (with the promise of free cake) so turned up with an eager attitude to craft away...

The first workshop was a bit of a disaster, I tried my best to make the copper floral brooch that everyone else had so lovingly made and were parading out with great pride but mine just ended up looking like a urbanised chick's nest - the Pinterest kind of chick who deal in rose gold, innit.  I handed over my masterpiece to my friend to 'fix' and then took a photo before moving onto the next table.  Epic fail.
The next workshop however, I rather enjoyed! Printing our own patterns onto tea towels (stay with me here...) with wooden stencil blocks and fabric paint, we were shown how to wiggle our block into the fabric and dab the paint in the correct way, then I let my creativity run wild.  I went for country, floral border with bright colours and hummed a little song as I did it... I was crafting!  Look at me mom!  Who knew this could be so much fun?!

All in all, the night gave me a great taster for the fair itself and crafting.  I'll be off myself to the event at Ragley Hall to buy some more stencils so I can pattern everything in my house...

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