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Valentine's Day Gifts For Her | LIFESTYLE

February is the month of many things - overpriced chocolate boxes, absurdly over ordered red roses and, of course, saucy underwear sales going through the roof.  If, like my other half, you're a chap perusing the internet for some inspiration in the hopes of wooing your intended love one with an amazing gift then I have you hooked up my friend.  I've compiled my top 7 alternate gift ideas for the special lady in your life this Valentine's day!

If your lady is into beauty products then this Selfridges beauty box will make her squeal with delight when you hand over the bright yellow bag, packed with high end product samples and wrapped up in a very collectable box it's a solid buy for your £35 budget.
However, if you've walked into the living room and seen your other half addicted to the live pearl popping parties on Facebook Live that seem to be dominating at the moment then she will love  this set from eBay where she can do it for herself.  It's wallet friendly at £2.99 and a quirky token gift!  Might need to print off a voucher for her though as this one will take a while to post to you from China...
The fashion conscience girlfriend will adore this embroidered shirt from River Island Plus, it's bang on trend and different enough to not be the same as every other girl on the high street wearing their embroidered flowers.  An absolute steal at £40.  If, however, you want to get a little more bow-chicka-wow-wow then wrap up this saucy bra from Curvy Kate.....
Probably my favourite item out of the bunch, the Victoria rose gold candles are strikingly chic and on point for the home.  Once the candle has burnt out she can use it as a pen or brush pot!

Hope this gives you inspiration!  Have a super smoochy Valentine's day!

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