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16 Dec 2016

Blogging brings me many joys; new friends, many adventures and inspiration on every turn.  Something I've spent more time doing this year is reviewing restaurants, food is one of my favourite social activities and breaking bread with friends brings me an uncountable amount of happiness.  Especially when that bread is extremely tasty...
Now, I'm often lucky enough to be invited to review restaurants and as a result have found some of my favourite restaurants that I may not have found beforehand.  Chi Kitchen in Birmingham is one of those places.

Nestled in Debenhams within the Bull Ring, the eatery is easy to miss however I implore you to seek it out.  A festive pan asian fusion awaits you!
If you're like me you're getting a bit bored of the turkey and stuffing dinner at the Christmas parties and are aching for something completely different.  Chi Kitchen are offering their take on a festive menu and have cooked up some festive delights with a twist, being a sucker for oriental food I eagerly dove in chop stick first to fill my tummy.  
We started with deep fried chilli prawns served on a bed of spring onions, they were deliciously large and juicy.  The chilli lime sauce gave the prawns a beautiful kick!  We then devoured the turkey spring rolls, light and crispy, alongisde the sweet potato with mixed berry mayonnaise.  The latter was my personal favourite, the mayonnaise had a truffle taste and the sweet potato were fried to delicate perfection.

Onto the second course, we were presented three plates of food that had wonderful presentation.  Chi Kitchen do this really well, taking every effort to make each dish look as delicious as it tastes - often looking much more upmarket than the price you're paying for it.  
The egg fried rice was just as good as previous visits, packed with flavour and a good portion of egg, mixed with a fantastic salmon teriyaki that made the mouth water as it flaked with ease.  Next up was the turkey instal and a vegetable nyonya curry, which was warming and creamy.  Being a bit of a spice lightweight, I expected this to be far too spicy for me but it was just the right amount of heat (I'd suggest asking for a kick if you like it hot!).

Finally, onto the main course and the one my companion was most looking forward to, the dessert.  Apple gyoza with home made vanilla ice cream, and a walnut chocolate brownie with star anise custard.  The vanilla was creamy and fragrant, the gyoza was crisp and packed with apple.  I was not overly keen on the star anise custard accompanying the walnut brownie, being not a fan of spices within sweets (yes, I hate mulled wine!) but my companion enjoyed it. 

We sat back in our chairs with full bellies and a glass of fizz, watching out of the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city.  Chi Kitchen had delivered again and we were really happy with the meal, when we spoke with the chef on the night we were told there was a sister restaurant in London with a dim sum bar so we're now planing on visiting when we next visit the capital!
Chi Kitchen's Christmas menu is on until 26th December and priced at £21.95 a head for a three course meal, great value for the food and ambience you get.  Also, these guys really take care of you!


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