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18 Nov 2016

There's very little I love more than food, but one of the things that tops it is the Winter season so when you combine all the great food moments of the colder months in a menu to bring that warm comfort to your tummy, I'm on it like salt on chips.  I was invited down to Lobby on the Hill for a taster evening ahead of their opening date (they're now open) to try out their dishes and have a good old chat with the staff to give them our feedback.  
Located on the corner of Smallbrook Queensway and a stones throw away from New Street station, the under street level eatery is located inside a Holiday Inn just past a quirky coffee lounge.  The menu is designed specifically to bring you those warm comforts we lean towards when it's cold outside and they have a large cocktail menu to accompany it (my favourite was the passionfruit mojito).  You can choose to buy a larger plate or get 3 plates for £14, tapas style.  

We tried nearly all of the items on the menu, everything from black country faggot sliders to chip butties, and I was impressed with some of the smaller priced plates the most.  The chip butty was delicious, fresh bread with a garlic mayo and the right amount of triple cooked chips wedged in between - the only thing missing was a splodge of ketchup on my plate.  
Faggot sliders were a hit at the party, served with a shot of ale to tip back after one bite, they were small but crammed with taste.  My favourite dish though had to be the posh cheesey chips; triple cooked fries with a blue cheese sauce and thick bacon slices, served in a portion just the right size.

Some of the dishes lacked lustre for me and were a little disappointing, the hot wings were too spicy for me and squid and chorizo hotpot was a tad on the bland side.  However, some dishes surprised me and were delicious - fried macaroni cheese balls? Who knew?
So, here's the thing - would I pay to come here for dinner? Probably not.  The restaurant is small, a little out of the way of Birmingham's great bars and eateries and I don't think the menu lends itself to something you can enjoy in a course set.  However, I would heartily recommend this for a lunch time or quick eat stop - the menu lends itself to picking and sharing tapas style over a tasty passionfruit mojito.  It's also a great place for pre-drinks if you're hitting Arcadian for the night!

Lobby on the Hill is on Hill Street, Birmingham.  Click here to see the full menu!


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