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There's nothing better than slipping into a set of freshly washed sheets at night time, the delightful aroma linked with the feel of the fabric on your legs whilst you get toasty is heavenly.  It's even more satisfying when your bed looks inviting and pretty.  This week I've been sleeping in By Caprice Home bedding and wanted to do a little write up on what my thoughts on this higher end bedding range...

Now, I am super fussy with bedding and when I was initially asked to pick out a set from a range of silky numbers my heart slumped a little.  Unbeknownst to the lovely ladies at By Caprice Home HQ, I had thrown away a purple silk duvet cover just last month in the middle of the night in a fit a frustration - the way the fabric moved against my body whenever I moved in bed irritated me, and the way the duvet slipped from the corners of the cover and ended up in a mess in the middle by the morning drove me absolutely crazy.  
So when I unwrapped the Teardrop bedding and discovered the inside of the cover was actually cotton the relief washed over!  I merrily set up the bed and slipped in to try it out.
The bedding is super pretty and a lot shinier in real life, reflective in the light that hits it.  The beads are fixed on well and don't hamper too much the comfort of the bed, that being said I did turn over the pillow case at night to get to the cotton side so my hair didn't wrap up in the beads.  

Of course, no bedding is truly tested until it's gone through the washing machine test.  I had concerns that this would lose it's beads in the wash or the quality of the fabric may be compromised after a spin.  But I needn't have been, I simply turned it inside out and put it on a normal colour spin - hey presto, popped back out in tact.  
My only criticism of this bedding is that due to the nature of the fabric it appears creased when you may the bed, even after ironing it to make it look good for blog photos (yes, I ironed a duvet cover!).  Short of that, it's pretty fantastic...

By Caprice Home is available at Very and House of Fraser, and in my opinion well worth the money when you see the quality and would be a fantastic Christmas gift for the home maker.  I've got my eye on a neutral or white set next!  

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