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Plus Size Autumn/Winter Pyjamas | FASHION

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I really cannot believe that I have been running this blog for nearly 4 years now! Time has flown.
Over that time, I have written about practically every kind of clothing you can think of, or at least I thought I had. The other day I was checking out some of the autumn/winter collections on my favourite sites, including the women’s pyjamas pages, when it struck me that after 4 years I have never written about nightwear. Clearly, there was a gap on my blog that needed filling, so here is my first PJ post, which is a roundup of what is available for 2016!

Once again, pyjama sets are set to be popular. This style of nightwear makes up the majority of the collections I have reviewed so far.
If you like getting changed for bed early, and snuggling up on the sofa under a blanket to enjoy an evening of box sets this style of jammies is perfect. Should a friend pop round you do not have to rush around putting on some clothes before you can answer the door!

Classic pyjamas
I also like the look of some of the classic pyjama setsNot everyone likes elasticated waists, and some people find putting on PJ tops that have to be pulled over the head difficult. Donning a traditional pyjama top is more like putting on a blouse, which is perfect for anyone with shoulder movement issues.

Mix and match
It is clear that retailers have woken up to the fact that not everyone likes the same thing. This year, many are offering you the chance to mix and match your pyjamas. So, if you want to pair a classic PJ top with baggy, comfortable, leggings, you can easily do so
Using this option is a great way to get the perfect fit. There is no longer any need to put up with wearing a pair of bottoms that are several sizes too big, because it is the only way to get a top half that fits.

From the looks of things, the onesie trend is pretty much over. However, most retailers still have made one or two available, so if you are a diehard fan of this style of nightwear you can still find them.

Alternative pyjamas
Should you be unlucky, and find yourself unable to find any pyjamas you like there is no need to use last year’s. Some of the women’s jumpers I have seen in the shops would actually make great nightwear. For example, long tops can usually be used as short nightdresses as well. It is also worth looking at some of the longer cardigans and considering buying one and using as a dressing gown. 
From the sound of things, this winter is going to be chilly, so a good pair of pyjamas is going to be an essential. Therefore, if you are in the market for new nightwear, my suggestion is that you get out there and snap up the best designs before they are all gone!


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