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Golden Sands Family Break, Part 1 | YOUTUBE

Last week we headed off to the golden sands of Mablethorpe for a family vay-cay, the whole 16 of us packed up our suitcases for a week away at Haven with each other.  The weather was an utter delight and nothing gave me more pleasure than watching my nieces and nephews running around on the beach enjoying the sand and cool breeze on the sea front.  It was also the first time this year James and I had taken a week off work for a much needed pause on life, we have a few more holidays lined up this year ahead of our holiday pause next year in anticipation of the wedding in 2018 (got to start seriously saving those pennies!).  
Of course whilst we were away I vlogged the break, so click here to be taken to my YouTube channel to watch part 1 or hit play on that embedded video below!  Remember to subscribe if you haven't already!

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