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I've never been one to mess with my hair in terms on style, unlike make up and clothes I just don't have the patience for it.  Don't get me wrong, if someone wants to plonk me in a chair and mess around with my hair to create a big bouncy look then I all for it - it's the process of doing it myself that I just don't do well with.  I'm more more suited to a good product with a quick blow dry and texturise sprays - simple, quick and no fuss.  
When it comes to colour on the other hand, this changes - my hairdresser often jokes that she knows what colours I'm going for before I come in and has a shade in mind before I sit down (and have to say, Faye is pretty spot on with her choices!).  So when I stumbled upon John Frieda's shades of me app which matches what colours would suit you based on a few social media photos I was all up for that ease!  

The instagram app is a digital experience that creates a bespoke video based on your own hair colour and the prominent colours with your profile, therefore allowing you to learn what your hair tones and colours of your social feeds say about you.  I personally an a alluring brunette with lots of red, which I knew, but also found that pink seems to be a colour I should opt for again with my tones!  
If nothing else, this is super fun and great to spice up your instagram feed, but the brand are genuinely amongst one of my favourite hair care brands - it smells great, does what it says on the tin and it's reasonably priced for a higher end shampoo in the supermarket.  I'm currently working my ay through their volume range and am absolutely loving the conditioner and blow dry texture spray.  

Make sure you hope over to John Frieda to give this a go yourself!

Now, I'm off to find the pink hair dye...



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