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6 Jul 2016

When Beyonce announced her stadium tour, I was there on 9th February at the crack of dawn waiting to buy my resale tickets.  She is, hands down, the best artist I have ever seen in concert and whilst some may say she is expensive to see to me she is worth every single penny.  So, £70 poorer and with a huge enthusiasm I headed off to Wembley with the best friend to enter the Bee Hive.
The weekend generally consisted of bopping along to fantastic music, getting stuck in car parks and then heading out for something delicious in Solihull.  Who goes food shopping when you can just go out to eat where other people wash up for you! Ha!
As this was a weekend of course I was vlogging so I took you guys along with me, hit play on that video below head on over to my channel to watch the marvel that is the Formation World Tour!

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