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5 Jun 2016

Foodies in the Midlands would have no doubt heard about chic new restaurant Rofuto based just a short hop away from Five Ways railway station.  The Japanese eatery is on the top floor of the Park Regis hotel and offers diners a fantastic view from their table whilst offering up delicate dishes from the kitchen.  
I tried desperately to get into the soft launch to try this out but they were fully booked up on their pre-opening week, so I asked to have my name popped down and to get in touch when an opportunity presented itself.  One week later the team invited me along to do write a review of my experience, so off I skipped with notepad in toe to test it out.

So, from the outset we knew we were in for a high class evening when we were escorted into a lift by the team and swiped in to gain access to the penthouse floor.  The decor had a nod to the Japanese origins of the cuisine whilst still being warm and inviting.  We were greeted at the door and escorted to our table, this had a fantastic panoramic view of the area - we spent a while just staring out of the windows with our cocktails just soaking it all in.

We started with two cocktails - a passion fruit, mango and sake mix which tasted crisp, sweet and refreshing, and a mocktail mixed with lychee, coconut and guava which was incredibly fresh.  
Looking at the menu it was quite hard to choose something that would leave us feeling satisfied and without food FOMO (I get this a lot, I have huge food envy) so we asked our waiter to pick 6 dishes of his choice and bring them out to us.  Now, I know this was incredibly dangerous but if you set a budget for the waiter they will do this for you - they see people order every day and know what's good, use their expertise!
Our first two dishes were sushi - a mango and soft crab roll and a salmon and avocado roll.  Both were light and incredibly fresh, it fell apart in your mouth as good sushi should.  The mango complimented the crab well, but the avacado in the salmon roll was slightly overpowering and took away from that fresh fish flavour.  Overall however, a good start.

Next up were the two favourite dishes of the night.  Firstly, Japanese fish and chips - a lightly fried cod fillet, with root vegetable crisps and 'mushy edamame beans', complimented with a passion fruit tartare sauce.  The presentation was on point, simple slate plates and separated pots for each section of the course.  The fish fell apart and was cooked to perfection, the peas were creamy and moorish, the tartare sauce was tart yet sweet.  It was, in every way, beautiful.
The honey roast baby back ribs came presented on an autumnal leaf, still sizzling from the pan.  The taste was sensational and was hands down my favourite fish from the night, the meat fell off the bone and melted into your mouth.  Most importantly, it was a decent portion and not the smaller ones I'm more accustomed to in this type of restaurant - so fellow chubsters, you're onto a winner here.

Moving onto our final two dishes for the night, we were presented with the wild cards the waiter had opted for...  
Sesame and garlic tender lamb.  Let's be clear, I would sell up and move in with this lamb - it was incredible and quite simply the best lamb I have ever put into my mouth.  Cooked to absolute perfection, still pink and marinaded in a sesame and garlic glaze.  It was tender, juicy and I was a little sad when we cleared the plate.
Unfortunately the halibut soup that was served at the same time was not so great, where we had been treated to fresh and light fish for the night the halibut fell short of the standard of the previous five dishes.  It was generally quite dry and lacked in flavour, it was not a favourite.

Finishing the night off with a glass of white wine and a chat, we gazed out onto Birmingham descending into dusk whilst discussing the food.  Overall the restaurant has a great vibe, the food is tremendous and the staff are incredibly inviting.  If you're looking for somewhere a bit special to take a significant other or celebrate an event then come here, but be prepared to pay a little extra.  Our meal of six courses, two cocktails and two glasses of wine would have cost around £120 - whilst we both agreed it was worth the cost, for us this was a 'special treat' restaurant.

If you want to check out Rofuto then click here, I thoroughly recommend a cocktail and sushi for lunch!

*Disclosure - We were invited to Rofuto to review the meal, all opinions are my own and remain honest. 

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