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Cheap Summer Accessories | FASHION

Weather storms aside, there is no denying Summer is here.  The temperature is soaring, we're all running to the wardrobe to dig out the maxi dresses and light fabrics, and yes, even the ice cream man is back!
With a change of season comes a change of clothes, which can prove super expensive if you're buying things from the high street during peak season.  The shops will still try and be competitively priced but after you've bought the essentials and enough sun cream to stop you turning Sebastian-crab-like it often doesn't leave much change in your pocket for accessories.  I've been the queen of bargain accessories for a while now, I begrudge paying anything over pocket change for sunglasses and costume jewellery so I thought I'd put my shopping skills to the test and dig out some cheap Summer accessories you will love for your capsule wardrobe!

1) What is Summer without a flower crown?  I became a complete convert to putting flowers in my hair last year and embracing the bohemian chicness of it.  These babies are only 99p on eBay and a complete bargain for a short fling with the flowers!
2) Cringe all you like but selfie sticks are an incredibly useful tool - group photos drinking your Pimms on your summer picnic with friends can be a pain when your own reach is the span of your arms and will inevitably cut off someone's face or smile.  Don't take the risk and pop this £1.59 mini extendable selfie stick into your handbag for essential photo taking.
3) The last time I owned a back pack was back in school and it was no where near as chic as this faux leather travel satchel from eBay.  I'm in love with the design and colouring of this bag, back packs are in the height of their fashion cycle and this will look great in tan, dark brown or black.  At £18.14 it's not uber cheap but it's a great price compared to the equivalent in Whistles! 
Make sure you pack your Summer essentials to save you from getting burnt when the sunshine comes out.  My personal favourites are the mini sun tan lotion from Boots (factor 50 for my dedicated skinned other half),  a mini sun care protection stick and the Avene thermal water spray to cool down and keep your skin hydrated.
4) A pair of sunglasses are the ultimate accessory to have in your wardrobe this season.  Now these glasses are a recent find thanks to Sally Sparkel's instagram (which, coincidentally, I'm in love with - do go and check her out!).  Dita Von Teese has been rocking a custom made pair of these recently at a whopping £600 a pair - but you can grab yours for £2.64.  I've ordered a pair in gold frame and dark sense, but the rose gold pair are equally as alluring...
5) When I'm picnic-ing I love to stretch out on a blanket with either a good book to read or a good book to write in.  For the latter I love to have a little exercise book that looks the part as well as being super functional, my favourite at the moment are the sassy quote notebooks from Coconut Lane.  Simple, chic and great quality paper - but also super bendy and easy to bundle up into your basket around your sausage rolls!  Pssst... use code 'callmekim20' for 20% off your order!
6) Shoesies! Flats are my friend, period.  The older I get the more intolerant I get of heels, if I'm walking around a lakeside area or drinking cider in the Sun I need to ensure I have stable feet.  Both of these shoes are from Primark and unfortunately unavailable online, but if you pop along to your local store you can find these at the low cost of £6 each.  
Suitable with shorts, dresses and skirts - these are super versatile and will go with anything in your Summer wardrobe!
7) Not wanting to have too much fuss on my body in the sticky weather, I opt for simple jewellery.  Gold, simple jewellery is everything right now on the circuit and these are a few of my favourites.  The BFF bracelet is cute to wear together or go in with a friend to split the cost - £22 (or £20 with discount), but my favourite right now is the £12.50 rose crystal bangle which is super chic and versatile with any outfit!
8) If you suffer from chubby fingers like myself you'll know how tricky it is to find rings on the high street at a low price, luckily Evans offer stackers online for varying finger sizes.  I wear a size W and the large is a perfect for me! I love these rose gold rhinestone stackers best.
9) I'm personally always out and about in the Summer months, the glorious weather calls for me to be outdoors.  As a result I often find my battery low and begging for power, so I keep a bank in my handbag for super charging.  If you're an EE customer you can pick one up for free in your local branch, if you're not then you can pick one up for £2.42 on eBay here.
10) And of course, what would a Summer accessory wishlist be without a picnic basket?  When I think of Summer this is one of my favourite sunshine Sunday activities, but picnic baskets can put you back a fair whack if you want to pick up a nice one to use.  Now, of course, you can sack off the basket entirely and rough it with sandwich bags... but how about a white whicker case for £18.99 instead?
Perfect for two, this basket comes lined and with cutlery for your perfect little lunch outdoors.  Pick up the bargain before it goes!

Hope you've enjoyed this affordable Summer accessory listing, now go forth and procure some bargains!


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