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8 May 2016

I'm lucky enough to live in one of the most green areas of the country, Worcestershire has a number of woods and picturesque picnic spots scattered everywhere.  A colleague of mine stumbled upon a bluebell wood one day and remembered I was looking for somewhere to shoot some outfit photos, so when Evans also offered to send me a surprise outfit to style for a wedding it seemed the fates had aligned.

One of my friends, Leah, is actually getting married very soon to her partner and we're invited to a chilled reception in a park so I was in the market for something floaty and floral for Spring.  Generally with weddings I choose to go with chiffon floaty dresses or tops for ease and practicality - no one wants a body con sticking to their body whilst they're smashing the dance floor with their Thriller moves - and this tunic hits the spot with just that.  It floated with the breeze and skimmed my hips with ease, I was super girly and I loved the colours.
Now, this is not a neckline I would normally opt for having such a large upper area (and yes, I'm including my chin in that) so had I have been in store choosing this I would more than likely have passed by it.  However, life is about challenging yourself and pushing your fashion barriers so I popped it with some leggings and these super black heeled sandals for a really simple, yet feminine look.

I would thoroughly recommend fixing up with this type of fabric, it can be restricting with no stretch, if you size up generously the extra fabric will act as a float anyway and work with the type of dress.  This design isn't live on the website just yet (from what I can see) but it will coming on very very soon!
If you're like me and you over heat in the Summer heat I would thoroughly recommend something light and loose for your occasion, sweat stains aren't a great accessory and trust me you'll be feeling smug as heck when you see Aunt Mabel mopping her brow or cousin Rachel hobbling around in her stilettos.  Low heels, light fabrics, massive smile.

If you would like to check out the amazing occasion wear collection at Evans then hit here to visit, I have so many bits from them I've collected over the years that just last due to the quality so I heartily recommend them.

*Items were gifted for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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