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22 May 2016

This month I was invited to make some pizza and drink some cider at The Stable in Birmingham at their first blogger event, so off I toddled in the car to the Midlands capital with my camera and empty tummy in toe.  
So what is The Stable?  Basically put, its a rustic feel eaterie a stone's throw from New Street station that sells fresh pizzas and pies, with an impressive cellar full of ciders from around the country.  The decor is simple and chic, with floor to ceiling glass windows that are thrown open in the sunshine.  It's a great meeting point for friends and a last stop before hitting the train home after a day of high street shopping.

During the afternoon we were given various samples of different ciders, with a talk from a chap from Hogan's Cider about the industry and how he brews his own brand.  For someone who only typically drinks Strongbow at festivals it was nice to try out some different flavours, the restaurant offer a 5 cider sampler plate which proved super popular on the day - I personally loved the mango flavoured brew! Light, sweet and delicious!
I was also given the opportunity to pop behind the food counter and try out some pizza making for myself, I chose to go off menu and throw on peppers, spinach, chorizo, jerk chicken and a fist full of cheese (you can't stimp on the cheese on a good pizza).  I tentivley enquired about popping an egg on the top to the chef on site who told me to make a little well and a decisive crack/split.  
James shovelled his own pizza into the oven, I let the professionals do it - I'm also dropping things in my own kitchen, no one needed an eggy mess some blogger had created on the floor...

And then we broke out to the tasting, and my gosh - the pizza was incredible.  Light, crispy, packed with the right toppings (if I do say so myself) and cooked to perfection.  I'd never had an egg on pizza before as I always thought it was a bit odd, but man it was good.  Revolutionised pizza. 

If you love carby treats and cider, this restaurant is right up your alley.  Food starts around £8 for a pizza and half a pint of cider start as low as £2, so this doesn't have to be a payday treat.  

The Stable, 115 John Bright Street, Birmingham. Tel: 01216438918

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