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1 May 2016

The weather is all over the shop at the moment isn't it?  One moment we're in glorious sunshine and I whip out the shades and open the sun roof on the car, the next there's snow falling and I'm reaching for the wrap that's now stashed in my boot.  England's weather is being extremely temperamental and as a result I've not tucked away my Winter wardrobe just yet...

Whilst in London a couple of weeks ago I went to see Adele (see the vlog here) and needed something that would keep the chill away with comfortable layers whilst we being cute and comfortable.  My favourite day dress over the colder months was this delightful black paisley dress from Lovedrobe, it's the perfect length and the layers of chiffon make it floaty and feminine.  It also has a cheeky lace back hidden away too!
The dress fits well however I did have to size up considerably, normally I'm a size 24 but this was a 28 - the chiffon material made no room for stretch and was merciless on my larger bust, so sizing up did the trick.  

I paired the dress with a wrap I picked up from Primark a while ago, a pair of leggings from Asos great for tall ladies!) and my favourite curvy fit boots from Simply Be.  Black is a staple in my wardrobe, it goes with pretty much anything and suits my colouring well, so this gradient of blacks and greys I pulled together looked polished and effortless.
I kept the jewellery simple with my initial necklace that Emma bought me for Christmas and a statement red lip.  

This outfit kept me warm from the nip of the London night breeze as well as being party ready... well, swaying in my seat and singing very badly with the crowd!
The sizing on these items are all different, I am typically a size 24 - the dress is a size 28, the poncho is a size 18, the leggings are a size 20 (and my pants, well, I don't really care as long as they're clean).  It just goes to show that you should disregard the number on the label, trying something on and seeing it works on your body is a much better representation of whether something will fit you and opens up a wide range of shopping locations when you're plus sized.  So don't let the number rule you!

Hope you enjoyed this little #OOTD!  

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