The £25 Breakfast | Royal Garden Hotel

24 Apr 2016

Brunch is one of my favourite things to do on the weekend, it usually follows a deliciously long lie in which is rewarded with breakfast foods.  I was staying in the marvellous Royal Garden Hotel last month as a treat during my time in London when I went to watch Adele, my parents booked the room and we all enjoyed the luxury this hotel had to offer.  When my dad told me that the breakfast was £25 per head I quite literally gasped, I mean what breakfast is worth £25?  I want to be hand fed breakfast off a golden plate by a half naked Adonis whilst Adele sang for me personally for £25!
As the breakfast was included in our rate I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to review it on the blog and see if it really was worth that price tag...

If you are staying in the hotel you can choose to have your breakfast delivered to you in the room or head to the ground floor restaurant to eat, I decided to have mine in the room as I hadn't experienced this before (and it meant I could have an extra half hour in bed) so I filled in my menu choices and hung it on my door the night before for collection with a serving time of 9:30AM.  
To the minute, the server knocked on my door and wheeled a white cloth covered trolley in bearing the goods.  On the top table lay my first course of continental food; a fresh fruit salad with greek yoghurt, freshly baked warm pastries, orange juice and black tea with lemon.  There was also a basket of perfectly toasted bread and various condiments.  I tipped the happy server and settled down to start my meal.  

The salad was fresh, sweet and perfectly assembled with limited juice and was even more of a delight with the greek yoghurt popped on top. I sat and watched the BBC news with my fresh fruit in my 5* hotel and felt positively luxurious.  

Once I'd finished my first course I opened the trolley's hot box to reveal my full english breakfast.  Scrambled eggs are my favourite so I ordered these knowing they would be a tie breaker if they weren't good, and oh my... they were perfect.  The scrambled eggs were literally the best thing I have put in my mouth to date, full of flavour but as light and fluffy as clouds.  
Putting these delicious eggs with the fresh and perfect salmon was heavenly, and I would quite frankly have been happy just eating these but there were more delicious things on my plate that I must consume!  Next up, two pork sausages, a large portobello mushroom and a hash brown.  All cooked perfectly.  I can't tell you enough how delicious these items on my plate were. 

I didn't manage to finish everything served to me on the trolley, it was just too much, but my gosh it was beautiful.  
Considering how expensive this meal was, it needed to live up to a certain standard and deliver on expectations.  Had I have been in the area and not staying at the hotel, I wouldn't have even thought to head to the Royal Garden for breakfast and instead opt for a slice of toast on the run with a coffee.  However, if you're looking for a treat whilst in London and you're bored of the usual afternoon tea dates then this would be a fantastic alternative option.  The restaurant this is served in overlooks Kensington Palace and is very ornate, they also do fantastic cocktails and champagne!  The staff on site are incredibly helpful and lovely, the hotel itself is beautiful and I didn't feel too out of place as the scruffy Midlander.  Having said that, I would advise against rocking up in your Sunday casuals and maybe think about wearing a blouse or day dress if you don't want to feel too different to the clientele the hotel houses.

In short, was this breakfast worth £25?  Absolutely.

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