Keeping It Casual In Custard | Fashion

27 Mar 2016

Birmingham gets a bit of a bad rep around the country, we're known for our working class accents and perhaps being a little dirty in the city but there are times when the Midlands can be just as edgy as some trendy part of London.  The Custard Factory in Digbeth is a little area full of offices, delicious cafes and art - the walls are graffitied in street art and it has a whole cool vibe to it.
We happened to be in the area to do some wedding venue shopping and took the opportunity to take some out of the day photos against the back drop.

As we were having a casual day I threw on a shirt dress from the tall section at Simply Be (no longer available but this one's pretty saucy!) with a pair of chloe jeans, and then popped on my K initial necklace that Emma had got me for Christmas.  These are firm wardrobe favourites for me, I've had them for quite a while and they are great for just throwing together for a casual day with a pair of flats. 

It's worth mentioning that the last time I ordered Chloe jeans from Simply Be they had changed the design which means that they have now lost their stretch fit and are now not that great a fit.  I tweeted the brand to see if this had been a recent change but only got a generic response that they would give the feedback to the designers, but needless to say unless they develop their designs a bit further I won't be ordering any more.  My quest for a new black skinny starts...
Now let's just talk about this coat, I love it.  It took me a while to love it but I've come round to this beauty and it's not left my side in the colder months.  The fur trimmed parka from Curvissa is a khaki fabric body with black PU sleeves, it's long line (even for us tall beauties) and has a good amount of stretch in it if you need it for the bust.  The coat is super warm and goes with pretty much any outfit, it also has pretty deep pockets so it's perfect for when you just want to grab and go without a bag.  

My skin is having a major freak out with the colder weather conditions and I'm waiting for the sunshine to come back to provide us all with a little vitamin D, in the mean time I'm keeping it hydrated and trying to limit the make up that goes on my skin so this is my new laid back look!  
After looking at our venue (which was pretty darn beautiful by the way) and taking these shots we headed to the juice bar to grab a green smoothie to drink on the way home - yup, big fat cliche.  I absolutely loved the chilled vibe of the area and will be coming here more often I think, we were chatting about this on the way home and we realised we don't spend that much time enjoying the city or surrounding areas so we'll be making a conscious effort going forward.  
Birmingham has so much to offer.


  1. I love the custard factory - it's been far too long since I've been there! Maybe next time I got back to the midlands to visit my Mum!

    C xx

  2. I love Digbeth and the Custard Factory. The Mockingbird Theatre has a lovely bar too!