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New Year, New Vlog

Happy New Year!
You're probably getting sick of hearing that by now, right?  I'm fed up of answering questions about resolutions and hearing the mantra 'new year, new me' - so instead I buried myself in YouTube land and edited some bits I took whilst away for my end of year break with the famalam. 

We traveled to the mother land (or in this case, Grandmother land) to spend some time in the internet deprived area of Pembrokeshire, Saundersfoot, and spent 3 days together just simply enjoying each other's company.  Now, I'm going to lie, being away from Instagram and YouTube did drive me a tad nuts but when I came back I felt incredibly refreshed!
The food was incredible, the drink was flowing and the laughs were plenty.  Hit play on the video below to enjoy a nice vlog from our Welsh weekend.  Tidy.

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