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Winter Plus Size Ombre Gilet | Next

I think as a plus sized woman it's very easy to get yourself stuck into a rut, with limited brands on the high street offering you affordable fashion in larger sizes I often find myself turning to the usual 'plus size brands' to shop and forgetting other options may be available to me.  Whilst some popular retail chains may not stagger past a size 20-22 at most it still doesn't mean that the garments that they're touting for your hard earnt pennies are completely off limits.
This happened to me when Next got in touch and offered an item to review, as a size 24 woman I struggled to find something in their plus size section that piqued my interest and there were limited options.  So I headed for the straight size section and started looking around for stretchy fabrics or things I could wear open, make the clothing work for my body, and came across a corker of a gilet.

This gilet* has an ombre effect and starts with an ice white at your shoulders working down to a slate grey at your hips - it's incredibly soft and has a large amount of stretch in it too!  I opted for the top of the sizing line, a size 22 and it fit incredibly well.  It didn't quite stretch across my bust (but then, what does? Damn these boobs!) but wasn't obvious enough to ditch it.
I got so many compliments on this gilet, it's so cute and is just perfect to throw over the top of a plain dress or top to add a touch of winter fashion!

That being said, I have to be honest and say I'm not 100% satisfied with the gilet, mainly because it sheds like a lost puppy all over your clothes.  After wearing this across a plain black swing dress it looked like I'd spent the afternoon with Emma's dog and a blanket on the sofa...  It's put me off wearing it with darker fabrics and I think, practically, it probably wouldn't work for a party or if you were off out for the evening.  However, it would work for daily travels and instances where you can easily give yourself a little dust off.

The gilet is available here from Next for £48, do make sure you have a gander at their other clothing and remember that the size they label it at doesn't limit you to not buying it!

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