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Once In A Blue Moon | Topsy Curvy

I own a lot of coloured blazers and duster coats, I would go as far as to say I'm a connoisseur of such garments, so you know when I say a jacket is good then it must be good.  This blue longline blazer from Topsy Curvy is in a cobalt colour and is lightweight perfection - it doesn't crinkle or crease, has a good deal of stretch in it and washes wonderfully in the machine without losing its colour.


Statement jackets are easy go-to's for me and I tend to keep my outfit simple to maximise the pop of colour, today was spent in a simply jersey swing dress and flat shoes.  This outfit is pretty much a work staple and so versatile for the office, it's casual/smart enough for sitting comfortably at your desk whilst also being appropriate for meetings.  
And let's just talk about the price for a second, only twelve pounds! Twelve pounds!  That's an incredible price for the plus size blazer! 

If you want to get your hands on this blazer then head on over to Topsy Curvy and grab a bargain, they've also got some snazzy Christmas tunics which will be perfect for the office party!  Much better  than photocopying your bum or nipping off into the stationary cupboard with Dave from Accounting...

* Blazer provided by Topsy Curvy for review only.

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