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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas | Vlogmas Ends!

Christmas seems like a drink induced fuzzy memory away now, we spent our day with family and loved ones eating far too much and opening presents.  People who know me know that whilst I love effort to be made with gifts and decor, I don't like fuss and I loved chilled out atmospheres - this Christmas was exactly that, a chilled day where there were no expectations set nor things set to an agenda or timetable.
It was bliss.

This Christmas I chose to do my first ever Vlogmas, and whilst it was bloody tricky (how do those daily vloggers do it?) I enjoyed it, it also helped me gain around a hundred new followers and I hit my goal of one thousand subscribers by 2016.  I'm so so chuffed with that!
More importantly however, it created more memories and tokens to keep for ourselves - which is one of the biggest reasons I started my own YouTube channel originally, we love looking back on holiday vlogs and as much as James moans about the camera always being out he agrees the vlogs are a special way of capturing moments in our life.

Thank you so much for staying with this year, I hope your New Year is bright and wonderful.

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