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BRA Humbug!

Boobs.  They're a bugger aren't they?
My boobs are my biggest styling issue, they're always up front and large - many a desired blouse or dress has had to be disregarded due to the ample bosom coverage problems and even when they are on show getting a nice bra in my size is nigh on impossible.  I've always been left to have those 'granny' bras for my size and, quite frankly, it's a massive turn off.

Luckily, boobs are getting bigger and demand is higher than ever meaning that more and more brands are bringing larger cup sizes to their stores with great designs.  My favourite styles that are making a come back this year include the bralet and the corset bra - both are vintage without being overly frumpy and look smoking when on (or prancing in front of the mirror and taking cleavage selfies... totally did that). 

Blues are making a huge come back for next year too and predict these babies will be super hot (or cool!) in the Spring months.  I am absolutely in love with the detailing on the Panache Clara Bra in turquoise.  
If you're interested in seeing which retro fashions are coming back into vogue or checking out which colour bra you should be rocking next year then do read this blog post from the chums at Simply Be - try not to spend a fortune like I did!

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