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YouTube Tuesday | A Blogger Getaway

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited along to a getaway with some blogger friends in a cottage somewhere in the Midlands.  We frolicked around in clothes, filmed look books and Christmas videos for our channels (yes, that dread C word - Halloween's over now, get over it).  It was such bliss to spend time with women who share my hobby, sense of humour and desire to all things chinese and deep fried.  As much as I love my other half it can sometimes be a bit taxing to ask him to take blog photos or go out on location because, quite frankly, that's not his bag and I get that.  So we took full advantage of having each other around to let our creative juices flow!

The weekend was filled with much laughter and outrageous language, which was just perfect.  If you'd like to see what happened on our weekend away together then hit this link to be taken to my YouTube channel where I've filmed as much as I can (or remembered to!) or press play on the embedded video below.  Remember to check out the girls in the description box!

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