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What To Watch Right Now

One of my favourite things to do in the colder months is snuggle up on the sofa with my other half, a bowl of popcorn or crisps, fluffy blanket and shut the world out whilst we binge on some fantastic television.  Autumn and Winter always brings (what my nan would call) 'the good tele' back to our screens as more people stay indoors, this month we've been binging on box sets again and have all but abandoned the regular television listings (except for X Factor and Downton, of course).
Now, much to James' dismay we don't have a 4K Viera TV, often I catch him staring at the Panasonic Ultra HD page and looking at the difference in quality (which I have to say is pretty sensational).  We may look to invest in the coming months but for now he's just going to have to stick to the one we have... even if it seems incredibly rubbish in comparison *sob*
I'm constantly asking for new recommendations for things to watch so I thought I'd share with you what we're watching right now to keep you occupied on the lead up to the office Christmas party!


Olivia Pope is one of the fiercest women in Washington DC who spends her day fixing the problems of high powered and famous figures before heading home for a cool glass of red wine and a romp with the American President.  Having worked with the White House during an election campaign for the incumbent President she left the team with a complicated love affair and a big book of clients - issues range from senators covering up their sex lives when a call girl threatens to publish a tell all book to the Vice President murdering her gay husband.  It could't get much better than this!
 It sounds a bit far fetched but it's incredibly captivating and every episode has a twist or turn the leads to you guessing on what's happening.
Season 1-4 are currently available on Sky Box Sets or you can watch it on Netflix.  We binged our way through this programme and recently finished season 4 in two days!  Very much recommended!

The Black List

The Black List is a series we recently got into after it being recommended to us by Chris and Emma, its a programme that revolves around a most wanted criminal who simply hands himself into the FBI one day and offers his help to track down every other criminal on their 'Black List' in exchange for immunity.  Obviously it's not quite as straight forward as that and for every action that's taken there's always an ulterior motive behind it for the man, but it's another fast paced thriller that keeps you guessing throughout.  This one took me a few episodes to get into and was definitely more up James' alley than mine but it grew on me and I was the one trying to convince him to watch just one more before bed...
Season 3 is currently playing on Sky Living or you can buy the previous seasons on Amazon.

American Horror Story

I stumbled upon American Horror Story one evening when I couldn't sleep and was captivated by just how gory and raw it was.  Horror isn't usually my thing (I mean, Most Haunted freaks me out for Pete's sake!) but I was drawn in by the interweaving story lines and controversial issues raised.  Created by Ryan Murphy, the screen writer behind Glee, each season picks up a different story line using the same company of actors.  Season 1 depicts a haunted house, season 2 is set in the 1960's in  an asylum ran by Catholic priests and nuns, season 3 (my favourite) follows a group of witches in current day and their struggles for power and coming of age, and season 4 is set in a 1950's travelling circus.  Season 5 is currently showing on FX but I strongly recommend catching up with the previous seasons before you hit go on that one (as it''s stepped up a notch on the gory front!).
Binge watch on Netflix with a bowl of popcorn and the lights off after the kids have been sent to bed.

When Harry Met Sally

And finally, an oldie but most definitely a goodie.  I adore romantic comedies, I could watch them all day and weep my way through every statement of love, every iconic eye contact moment, every will she, won't she debate.  Love, love, love it. 
One of my favourite Autumnal films to watch is When Harry Met Sally, perhaps purely because of the scenes in Central Park with the leaves or chilly streets of Manhattan.  If you haven't watched it (and really, if you haven't, then shame on you - go and watch it immediately), it follows the lives of two people who meet in college and become friends over time, they become best friends and one night they do the hokey-pokey in the heat of the moment... and everything changes, not entirely for the better. 

Watch it.  Love it.  Tweet me about it.

What are you watching?  Send me your recommendations!

*Collaboration with Share It Quick, all views are my own.

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