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Last week saw us battle through the back end of Storm Barney; high winds, lashes of rain and many a ruined hair do.  I, stupidly, trekked to work in my warm and safe little mini in my fabric ballerina shoes only to have them soak up the puddle I stepped into as I got out of the car.  Cue me trying to dry off my shoes in the toilets by holding them up to the hand dryer to prevent my toes going numb with cold, wet, smelly shoes.  Major seasonal fashion faux pas.

Learning my lesson, I've opted to wear some chunky footwear which will protect my tootsies from frost bite and look on trend at the same time.  These black buckle boots from Marisota* are just the ticket, they're incredibly comfortable and go with literally everything I have in my wardrobe.  I've worn them so many times since they arrived on my door step and are incredible quality.  I opted for the extra curvy width for my calves as they're chunky, they fit a dream and I can wear them over jeans too.

Colder weather for me means turning to jeans and knitwear, I love a great cardigan to keep warm - it's the perfect way to add that extra layer without it being too warm in doors.  Burgundy and red is making a serious come back into my wardrobe this year and this tartan knit* is no exception.  It's warm, a great cut and simplistically stylish.  Those quilted pleather shoulders are just magnificent!

My Winter wardrobe this year seems to be encapsulating simplicity and key silhouettes, I've moved on from the days of adding every last detail to an outfit to make it perfectly polished and embraced the relaxed attitude towards fashion I've been lacking for a while.  There's a time and a place for looking 'just so' but I'm never ever going to perfect, this was a 'yeah, that looks good and I feel good' outfit and that's totally cool with me! 
I think being around such body positivity and funny women on the weekend getaway back in October did a lot for my outlook!  I mean, they were blinking bonkers!

Outfit Details:

Bag, Primark

*Denotes item gifted for review.

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