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It's blimming cold out isn't it? The November weather is running amok with it's winds and drizzly rain, it's not my favourite outside feelings but it is one step closer to December and those crisp, cold, crunchy mornings so I'm keeping myself cheerful thinking about that!  
One thing that always catches me out every year is how to play the indoor/outdoor outerwear.  If you wrap up with a coat and a fluffy scarf then you're stuck with carrying your coat indoors to avoid the heat of a thousand suns, if you go cute with a cardigan or thin jacket then you're risking the onset of pneumonia after being caught in blistery winds and torrential rain.  Since being a driver I've also discovered the additional challenge of wearing a coat that doesn't a) limit your arm movement when you're sat in your seat behind the drivers wheel or b) feel like a boiler suit when you've popped on the windscreen heaters to clear out the frost.  
Ay carumba!

This year I've been into wraps in a massive way, I have around 5 that I've purchased this season alone and they are the perfect fold away extra layer to carry around in your handbag for last minute coverage.  My work office in particular is extremely cold in the mornings as I sit near a full length window and it takes a while for the radiator to kick in, so now I just pop a plain wrap into my handbag in the morning at home and whip it out as I sit at my desk nursing a hot cup of coffee and a spreadsheet.  Lifesaver.

One of my favourite wraps at the moment is this Aztec print wrap* from Yours Clothing, I'm such a sucker for anything with an Aztec print and this one comes in black and grey tones so is super versatile across outfits.  At £25 it's a reasonable cost for the quality you're getting in return, the material is thick enough to keep a chill away and the print is woven into the material.  It also washes like a dream, which is so often overlooked by reviews I think but with the cost of plus size clothing compared to straight size high street counter parts it's important to acknowledge.  But that's what I think Yours do so well, affordable quality clothing.

I kept this outfit super simple and styled it as I would have worn it; effortless and thrown on top of whatever I would have typically been wearing. Sundays at home are typically about running errands and having a quick trip out in the afternoon - this is normally accompanied by jeans, boots and a top.  I added the hat because I was feeling fancy! 
The wrap is a one size fit and is (as all wraps should be) a generous fit so should fit most sizes.  In fact, one of my colleagues at work is around a size 10 and has often stolen my wrap off the back of my chair to warm up.

Outfit Details:

Go and grab yourself a wrap, you won't regret it (and they make fantastic Christmas presents!).

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