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Florida Vlog - Day 6 | Sea World Orlando!

Perhaps one of the most fun days to edit was day 6 - the day we went to SeaWorld.
When Ben was younger he was border line obsessed with the film 'Free Willy', we ran through a few copies of it on VHS after too many re-runs had caused them to have so many white lines on it that it became unwatchable.  I know this film word for word because of the amount of times it was on the TV in our house!  So, of course, one of the must do's on our Orlando list was a trip to SeaWorld to see Shamu (or... Willy).
I know that there's a lot of strong opinion and discussion surrounding the treatment of killer whales at the resort, but this was just a lad enjoying something that simply amazed him - and to watch him transfixed on the show and smiling away was just priceless.

If you want to follow us on our adventure today then hit play on the video below or click here to be taken to the video on YouTube!

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