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Curing Chub Rub With Vevina | Giveaway

One of the few things that I've struggled with as a plus sized girl has been chafing on the inner thighs in the height of Summer, that horrible red rash with a burning itch that occurs when your skin rubs together over a prolonged period of time.  After many years of suffering with this horrid pain in the warmer months and walking around like John Wayne for a good week I moved onto wearing leggings or shorts under all dresses and skirts to prevent it.  Over time I got used to it and just accepted it as a fact of my body - it didn't make me like it any less, I've always had it and it was a normal thing to me.
I wasn't going to ruin my Summer with sore thighs!
When Vevina* got in touch to offer me a tube of their anti-chafe cream designed to keep the sting away for hours I was both intrigued and dubious.  I was unsure how a little pea of cream would solve all my chafely problems... but I agreed to give a shot and see what happened.  I'm so glad I did.

The cream comes in a pretty red box and the tube is super discreet (so perfect for taking with you on the go).  On application the cream is not greasy at all and is nearly odourless, a small pea size amount was enough to coat the inside of one thigh for the day and provide excellent protection.  I pranced around in a little dress after heading to the swimming baths on a hot day and found that I had zero chaffage!  It was a chaffing miracle!

For just £9 you can bag yourself a 30ml tube of this miracle cream and I would expect it to last all Summer with ease.  You grab a bottle here.... or you can scroll below and try to win one!
The chaps at Vevina have given me 5 tubes to giveaway and with a heat wave supposedly around the corner in August now would be the perfect time to get your mitts on it!  I'll be drawing the winners on Friday 31st August, one week's time, so best of luck!

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