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Holiday Essentials For Your Suitcase

With Florida starting to appear on the horizon (only 2 paydays left now!) I've been perusing the windows of the virtual shops to get an idea about what I'll be bringing with me to the all American holiday.  I'll be filming a 'what's in my suitcase' video nearer the time, but in the mean time I thought I'd share my suitcase essentials for anyone having upcoming holidays!

Firstly, let's talk suitcases.  Fundamentally, this is the most important purchase prior to a holiday.  You need a suitcase which is light, safe, full of room and easy to transport around on both sides of the airport lounge.  I've opted for a 4 wheel hard case this time in a bright colour to ride... I mean push... around the airport for ease.
If you're anything like me you bring a lot of shopping home with you, those boutiques and markets are just crying out for you to go crazy in and buy 8 dozen mosaic plates for your kitchen (oof, so Tumblr)! So if you are a compulsive shopper then make sure you leave lots of room in your suitcase to avoid those extra charges on your return to the airport.  I do this by minimising my wardrobe choices and taking with me mix'n'match items with realistic expectations of when I'm going to wear them.  There's no point taking 3 cocktail dresses if ultimately I'm going to live in the same maxi dress that doesn't cling to me in the heat, so I pack a plain maxi with a few accessories and rely on styling to change the outfit.  Try to suss out if your hotel/apartment has a laundry facility too, this way you can keep your clothes fresh and avoid taking the kitchen sink.  

I hate feeling hot and sticky, I get grouchy and end up throwing a diva fit if I'm less than three foot from the pool for dunking relief.  With this in mind, I always take breathable fabrics and comfortable Summer clothing when I go away to a sunshine destination.  Florida picks this year will include boyfriend cropped jeans and shorts with multiple 'flowy' tops to allow for gusts of wind up the back to flow freely (don't pretend like you don't do this).  I love these hanky hem tops from New Look and ASOS for keeping the sweats away!

Everyone knows to bring their toiletries, but other than my make up I tend to buy shampoo when I'm out there from a local supermarket.  It's easier to just chuck away when done (or leave for the next person) and means you don't have to worry about a soap explosion in your case if the worst was to happen.  I simply pack my make up essentials and work out the rest as I go along, making sure I've got some good tinted moisturiser on hand, on fleek eyebrows and mascara to keep me bobbing along.
Just make sure you pack the sun tan lotion, that stuff is a fortune when you buy abroad... it's like liquid gold!

Technology is a big part of my life, my phone is never far from my hand in most scenarios, so I always have a fair haul of electricals in the hand luggage to carry around.  My Canon SX50 is a dream to take photos with for memories to keep so this will most definitely be coming with me, along with my little Samsung WB36F for flogging and around 6 SD cards for use.  Then my MacBook Air for keeping me entertained on the plane with editing, which I can loose myself in for an age to help the 10 hour flight drift away (though, I'm sure the prosecco will help too... hic...).
With all these volt sucking devices coming along for the trip I need to make sure their fully charged and I have a little handbag charging back up, so I'll be taking a power bank with me to the parks for emergency use!

If you're still struggling with what to pop into your suitcase for your holibobs then check out this article which the clever chaps at Age UK have conjured up to help you out.  

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