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Curls On Tour | Benefit Roller Lash Pop Up

So there I was, casually perusing Facebook, when I spotted an advert for the new Roller Lash mascara from Benefit.  Promising me curled lashes like never before I clicked onto it and was surprised (and a little excited) to see that they were doing a pop up shop tour around the country to promote their new product.  Eagerly I looked down the list and found that they were coming to a town near me, so I sent off my request and kept my fingers crossed that all the other Benebabes hadn't nabbed all the slots available.
Hope was diminishing as the week passed by without an email confirmation, until I got a phone call to confirm my appointment the day before.  So off I trotted to Birmingham with friends in toe for a spot of champagne and pampering.

The pop up boutique offered an eyebrow wax, a wax and tint, and makeovers for your pampering pleasure.  I opted for an eyebrow wax and a touch up on makeup, as well as a glass of pink champagne.  Sipping away on my bubbles, I hopped over to the brow bar to rip out those unwanted hairs by a very enthusiastic Scottish lady (who was just lovely) and was super pleased with the result.  If you're going to get this done though, please don't sit for ages stroking your newly smoothed out eyebrows like I did - it brings on the spots of Satan... trust me...
After my treatment was completed I was presented with a full size Benefit Gimmebrow and a sample size of roller lash to take home in a goody bag too.  I've been using the mascara every day now since and I have to say it is one of the best products I've ever used!

Mum was so pleased with her make over, the Benebeautician had made her eyes pop with super curled eyelashes and a nude smokey eye, and she felt beautiful.  
Let's talk a moment about all this 1950's pink glam fabulousness, isn't it grand?  I mean, it's a bloggers dream and if I had the cash then there would be a replica of this in my study.  The fittings were old static hair dryers, there were plush white rugs on the floor and even cosy pink blankets to take the chill off whilst you waited for your next treatment.  Served hand on foot with beverages and cupcakes, the Benefit crew were just so happy and enthusiastic that it was hard not to smile constantly!

The Roller Lash #curlsbestfriend tour is still doing the rounds, so click here to be taken to the booking page to see if you can find one near you.  It's a great night out with the girls and you get freebies! Huzzah!

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